Saturday, 19 September 2009

A No Horse Race

As the Liberal Democrats begin their conference today in Bournemouth, you can’t help but feel sorry for them.

When it turned out that a Labour leadership was no better than the previous eighteen years of Tory rule, you might have thought the fed-up British public would at least give the Lib Dems a go.  I mean, collectively, the other guys have had thirty years between them to get things right and have done nothing but fuck everything up for three whole decades now.  Surely a Liberal Democrat government couldn’t be any worse?

Yet here we are, nearing the end of New Labour’s twelve disappointing years in power, and instead of thinking the obvious – wow, both the Conservatives and the Labour Party suck; let’s try something different – all you ever hear about in this idiot country is the inevitability of another Tory win at the next General Election!

How lame-duck must the Liberal Democrat party be, when they can’t even promise the vaguest prospect of a victory under such seemingly favourable circumstances?  And how stupid must the majority of British citizens be if they think the same Conservative Party who started destroying this country thirty years ago, are going to be our saviours now? 

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