Tuesday, 20 October 2009

How To Tackle Climate Change (Without Tackling Climate Change)

I read this weekend that if the Tories win the next general election they are thinking of privatizing the MET Office

One has to wonder what will happen if the findings of the MET happen to conflict with those of their new private owners?  Is it too crazy to imagine a company who might buy the MET Office in order to make a lot of money selling business-friendly weather forecasts, but who aren’t so interested in the work the MET are also doing on Climate Change that might mean re-thinking other business interests the owner company might hold.

Once that information becomes the property of a private company and no longer belongs to the public, then it becomes information the private company can publish or suppress as it sees fit.

Don’t be surprised then, if the Tories get into power, to see Global Warming start to disappear almost overnight… 

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