Sunday, 11 April 2010

“It’s Been A While Since Last We Spoke…

…so much has changed, so much has not.”

That’s actually the first line to a song I wrote last year which, if all the stars ever aligned correctly, would be the opening track on the oft talked about but never actually pursued “Academy Morticians Reunion Album™”.  I think it pretty succinctly sums up the state of affairs after my month away from this blog.

So Much Has Changed

For one thing, the General Election is now no longer mere speculation, it is a fully announced reality, set for May 6th.  For another thing, the Digital Economy Bill is now law, which is the single stupidest thing the music industry could have done to itself, and the most backwards law we’ve seen in this country for a long time.  America has passed its weak and disappointing “healthcare reform” which has further enshrined the for-profit system of healthcare into law, and the Pope has shown the world that there are even worse things in his closet than being a former member of the Hitler Youth.  (Personally, I really hope he steps down over the child abuse controversy.  Not just because he should, but because I bought an awful Pope Benedict 2010 calendar as a joke on my honeymoon in Rome and would love to own the calendar that marked the very year of his downfall).

So Much Has Not

My views on the election, however, remain the same, and, all things being equal, it is highly likely that I shall be voting Labour on May 6th.  I shall also be doing everything in my power between then and now to make sure that David Cameron and the Conservatives do not get into power.  Normal service on the blog is therefore about to resume, and as we build up to the General Election, I look forward to convincing you all that a victory for the Tories will be far worse than our continued governance by New Labour’s Tory Lite.

I, and this blog, remain very much alive, and shall be detailing the whole sordid election right here on The Tone of Our Oppression in the weeks to come, so stay tuned, stay radical, and stay away from Cameron.  


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